Why Would Anyone Want To Become A Christian?

After discussing turmoil in the church a friend said, joking but at the same time very seriously, “Why would anyone WANT to become a Christian?”

This is a very serious question that each of us should ask ourselves. In the light of what other people see in OUR lives, why WOULD they want to become a Christian? What good things have we done or what good traits do we have in our lives that would influence others to say, “I’d like to be like him.” Or what improper actions and poor qualities can others see in us that would make them say, “I’d NEVER want to be like that.”

If most of us were totally honest with ourselves … if we could actually see ourselves as others do … we’d HAVE to say that there are probably more poor actions and qualities, than good Christian ones, in our own life.

Personally, I think this is the reason so many people have turned away from Christ and his church and are now seeking “inner satisfaction” through the occult, new age or even outright atheistic philosophies. These people simply have not seen the “Christian qualities” in their Christian’s lives that a person would WANT to imitate!
How did this generation of Americans get to the place where they are willing to elect officials who will permit the removal of all things “Christian” from all public life … or elect those who openly stand for ungodly principles?

Because of the hypocrisy so many have seen in other “church” people. Our generation has said that if some in Public Life were so-called “Christians” and lived with the lying, cheating, stealing and immorality that they have, then the Ten Commandments are no longer relevant to their way of life. Therefore they do not need nor want Christians to openly profess their beliefs nor try to “force” them on the rest of the population. How tragic.

Some day (sooner than most of us think) all of us will stand before the Lord (Rev. 20:12, Rom. 14:10) to give an account of things done in the flesh! I fear that most of us will be deeply saddened to realize how that unkind word to a mate, child, neighbor or total stranger, may have snowballed into the terrible situation that America finds itself in right now. The proverbial “THEY” were not responsible, “WE” PERSONALLY ARE RESPONSIBLE!

The “whole” is entirely dependant upon the individual.  All influence and witness of ALL Christianity is dependant upon the actions of ONE PERSON! ONE Christian is the ONLY Christian that some person will ever see!

Please permit the Christ to remind you of this awesome responsibility the next time someone cuts you off at an intersection! Or when your child does something you do not like. Or the next time your mate forgets something that is important to you! Or a Pastor or fellow church member does something you do not understand nor agree with! (My pointing finger is at myself as well as a challenge to you!)

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PERSONAL: Thank you for your continued prayers for me for the events and for the family. Please add to those prayers many in our “support team” and among our “prayer partners” who are facing physical, financial and family problems right now. PRAY FOR VICTORY OVER SATAN IN THE EVENTS … PLEASE !!! Also, New Dimensions Evangelism has some strong financial needs right now. PRAY!!! PRAY !!! PRAY !!!

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