Sharing Wonder

Let Scott show you how his innovative blend of engaging storytelling, hilarious humor, and a dash of illusion can connect with your people to encourage, motivate and transform their lives.

Sharing Wonder

Let Scott show you how his innovative blend of engaging storytelling, hilarious humor, and a dash of illusion can connect with your people to encourage, motivate and transform their lives.

Laughter, Lessons, and Light

Discover Scott Humston's inspiring journey: From overcoming a speech defect to captivating audiences worldwide as an illusionist and speaker. Touring 40,000 miles annually, including performances at the White House, Scott has inspired over 3 million people in 25 years. His passion? Using entertainment for education and faith outreach, touching countless lives.

A Glimpse into the World of Wonders

A visual journey from stirring speeches to humorous skits and awe-inspiring illusions, each video is a window into the artistry and impact of Scott’s work.

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Echoes of Applause

George and Laura Bush

President of the United States
“Thank you for coming to The White House… Your engaging performance delighted everyone and helped create happy memories for thousands!”

Dr. David Graves

General Superintendent Church of the Nazarene
“Scott is a tremendous communicator of the Gospel. He uses his amazing ability as a magician and his sense of humor to effectively engage all ages with spiritual truth!”

Dr. Charles Stanley

Pastor, Author, TV Personality
“I highly recommend a unique and very effective ministry! A Christ honoring and scriptural presentation. It will be one of the strongest statements against the occult that you will ever see!”

Crafting Moments of Wonder

An Evening of Comedy & Wonder

Host "An Evening of Comedy & Laughter" with Scott. During this 90-minute event the Joy of Christ will be proclaimed and invitation into a life-changing relationship will be extended.

Laugh-All-Night with Scott

Laugh All Night with Scott Humston goals to partner with churches to reach communities and support New Missions in their efforts to provide education, medical care, and church planting in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

The Pro Kids Show

Acclaimed by thousands around the nation, the Pro Kids Show, live-action, motivational character based program will leave you yearning for more.

Mind, Myth & Magic

Step into a magical evening in quaint Mount Dora at Eden Abbey Brewing Community. Join Scott Humston for an adults-only show.

Upcoming Events

Personal Kneemail from Scott

Every Creation Has a Creator
Mount Dora Living magazine: The Humston Family
Nurturing Young Hearts
Gratitude, Partnership, and Purpose
Sustaining Hope

Discover innovative ideas for children’s ministry, including our summer series, “Creativity & The Creator.” Learn about the objectives and mission of our children’s ministry, focusing on nurturing creativity as a divine gift. Explore topics to teach children in church, the duties of a children’s ministry leader, and biblical insights on children’s ministry. Join us in inspiring young minds through engaging lessons, crafts, and activities that reflect the image of God in every child. Visit to learn more and support our mission.

July 10, 2024

Join the Humston family as they celebrate their magical journey and community in Mount Dora Living magazine. Discover the wonder of life and family magic with Scott Humston. Read more and experience the magic firsthand at #Family#MagicalMoments #MountDoraLiving #SharingWonder

July 1, 2024

As we wrap up June, I’m reflecting on the impactful outreach we’ve experienced. From our family VBS in Pekin, Illinois, to traditional VBS at my church, and leading kids at camp, we’ve seen many children and parents come to Christ. Sharing the Gospel with children is crucial for their faith journey. It’s essential to approach this with integrity, sincerity, and care. At NDE, we’re dedicated to building a generation rooted in Christian values. Explore our resources like the “I Said Yes! to Jesus” booklet and our free online course, “Sharing Jesus with Children.

June 28, 2024

Hello, Praying Friend!I hope this note finds you amid an attitude of gratitude! Here in Central Florida, the cool mornings slowly transition to hot and humid. This morning, when asking

May 16, 2024

Hello, Praying Friend!I hope this Eastertide (the four weeks following the resurrection, continuing the celebration!) finds you amid encouragement and even more—Hope! We can all use a reminder about Hope.

April 22, 2024

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