A Christian & Procrastination

There is one “nation” that is doing more harm to the cause of Christ than all others put together. It is “procrastination” … putting off something you should do!

Many have “considered” making a commitment to follow Christ. But they put it off until it was too late … eternally! Remember  Felix in Acts 24:25 who said, “… when I have a convenient season I will call for thee.” He never did!

Most of us as Christians have intended to do something for the Lord, and we have put it off until it was no longer possible. Like the disciple in Matthew 8:21 who wanted to go and take care of family matters before he served Jesus. When the Lord gives us direction, it is deadly to delay!

Many wonderful things can be done in a day if you don't make that day tomorrow. Click To Tweet One of these days is none of the these days. Arthur Godfrey used to say that even if you were on the right track, you would get run over if you just sit there. It is vital to move when the Lord directs.

For some of you, God may be directing you to witness to a friend or loved one. Please don’t put it off until it is too late for you … and them! Others of you are being called to serve Him in some special way. Every day you delay is one less day of service available to Christ. Click To Tweet For others He may be directing you to do something very tangible for the Kingdom’s work.

If you don’t do it at the very time He directs, you and the Lord’s work could be seriously hindered for all eternity. We usually have the concept that if WE do not do the thing God has directed us to, then someone else will do it. This is not true! If YOU do not do what HE directs you to, then NO ONE WILL DO IT! The work of the Lord will be hindered because of your failure to follow!

When God places something on your heart, for Christ’s sake, do it then … even a day’s delay may make it too late! He leads you NOW to do something because He wants you to do it NOW! “Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.” (James 4:17 NKJV)

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