100,000 people in 2020

Do you set goals? Every year I spend the first few weeks of January reviewing what was accomplished (and not accomplished) the previous year. I spend some time thinking; Praying, Planning, and Dreaming of how God might use this work in the coming year. Each year we send out our annual year in review via snail mail. (If you don’t receive it, shoot me an email at info@scotthumston.com, and we’ll get you one!)

As I was reviewing last year—seeing that we reached more than 46,000 people just in our live events, I began to believe that we can do more. So, this year I am trusting that through live events and online connections (views, social media, and more) that we can reach 100,000 people. I genuinely believe it’s doable.

How can you help us reach this goal?

Will you agree with me in prayer that God would create the connections that will make this a reality in 2020?

Will you tell a pastor that you know about our live events? Would you direct him to my website? Would you share videos and posts that we create on social media? Will you encourage a church to review our FaithKidz curriculums? All or any of these will help.

I also believe that we can partner with more people that would make a financial commitment to this work. Right now, we have about 50 folks that contribute to this work. For some, it’s just once a year. For others, it’s every month. For each one, they give as God lays on their heart. Would you pray, too, about joining with financially New Dimensions as we reach 100,000 in 2020?

I am excited about what God can do over these next 11 months.

Let’s get busy.

Sharing His Wonder,

Scott Humston

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