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It seems as if every event or activity now days must have a poll taken to determine what people think about it. Some politicians have the reputation of trying to determine the way the crowd is going and then changing their own policies to fit the mood of the people. As we are watching the national political maneuverings by some, we get the strong impression that this accusation may be true. One politician was humorously quoted as saying that some of his constituency was opposed to a certain issue and others were for it. Then he said that he always voted with his constituency!

In America, the opinion of the person-in-the-street IS important. We practice the rule of the majority. Many churches believe and practice this policy. However there are many times when the majority is wrong. In Numbers 14, the Lord wanted the Children of Israel to go in and possess the land, they sent a committee to check out the situation before they followed the Lord. 83% of that committee reported back that they could not obey God because of the giants in the land. In essence, the Lord told them that if they were not going to do WHAT He commanded, WHEN He commanded, then they would have to pay the consequences for their actions. The majority was wrong … and the Children of Israel spent the next 40 years paying for it, wandering in the wilderness.

You have seen times when the majority was wrong in local or national elections. We all may spend more than 40 years “in the wilderness” BECAUSE OF THOSE WRONG OPINIONS OF THE MAJORITY, though they were sincere opinions!

Opinions are established by the knowledge we have. Click To Tweet Incomplete information DOES result in wrong judgments.

Our opinion and our conscience can be inaccurately developed by faulty information. In a small town several years ago the proprietor of the local clock shop received a call every day about 11:30 AM asking for the exact time. After several weeks of this, the clock shop owner politely asked who was calling and why. The caller said that he had the responsibility at the local factory to blow the whistle at 12:00 noon, sharp. Since he took his responsibility seriously, he wanted to be sure he had the exact time. The clock shop owner was astounded, because he had been setting his clocks by the factory whistle! We need to be very careful as to where we get our information … upon which we form our opinions … which then affect our actions!

Most people make up their mind on a subject, based completely on what has been said by someone whom they respect or like.

Actually, the only AUTHORITATIVE information comes from the God Himself as presented in HIS WORD! OUR opinions do NOT matter … what God says DOES matter. I genuinely believe there is strong evidence that as the Founding Fathers prepared the Constitution and the basic policies of our great nation, they WERE sincerely trying to follow the God’s leadership and the principles they were reading in the Bible.

Even though some of them may have failed in other areas of their life to live up to what we now see as contrary to Scriptural teaching … such as those who were still practicing slavery.

If I could make one STRONG suggestion/admonition to America, it would be to COME BACK TO THE STUDY OF THE BIBLE and TO PRACTICE THE PRINCIPLES  CHRIST TAUGHT.

How can you improve on guiding principles such as: Love your neighbor as yourself... Click To Tweet or “Treat others as you would like to be treated!” After all, God will NOT mislead us!

I fear that in our “well-intended” legal attempt to make this nation totally neutral relative to all religions, we have destroyed the one foundation that made us great to begin with: FOLLOWING GOD’S PRINCIPLES. We MUST put God’s Word back in its proper place of importance in our lives so that our opinions (and consequently our actions) will properly reflect God’s eternal truths! May I also urge that you read Proverbs 3:5-6!

Will you join me in re-committing yourself to go back to God, through His Word and through prayer … praying that we will properly understand and follow HIS will for our lives!

Please pray for me, the events, and the ministry of New Dimensions Evangelism … and the ministry’s financial needs! The enemy does NOT like to see these souls saved and Christians challenged to live 100% for Christ! PRAY! PRAY! PRAY!

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