What’s Your Anchor?


Recently we were subjected to unusually strong winds and heavy rains. During this kind of weather on the Florida coast, sailboats will break away from their dock and drift out into the ocean filled with overpowering waves. Without the anchor to hold them steady in the storm they are helpless against the onslaught of the storm.

The older I get, the more I realize that the one anchor that can hold us steady in the storms of life is the anchor of a good relationship. Most people spend their entire life striving for financial security only to realize too late that they have neglected building the relationships which bring the real joys of life.

Many husbands or wives spend all their time “doing” … working, providing money for a house, clothes, schooling, vacations, luxuries — or providing a clean house, clothes and well-cooked meals. Though these are all important and necessary, people often think that by spending all their time “doing” all these things well, they are showing their love. Then they can’t understand why their marriage falls apart… they have spent no time building a relationship with their spouse.

Relationships require TIME with that person sharing and expressing innermost thoughts and feelings AND listening to and encouraging the innermost feelings of your spouse. Relationships need FLEXIBILITY with one’s personal preferences. Real love for another always results in surrendering one’s will for the other to be fulfilled. All of us have our own idiosyncrasies, or as some say “ideosyn-crazies.” One of the major marks of maturity is the ability to accept and “permit” those differences and personal preferences in others.  Immaturity INSISTS on changing the other person to fit into your mold.

One of the major marks of maturity is the ability to accept differences in others. Click To Tweet

Isn’t it interesting that when you first meet a person you are attracted to the “differences” that you have … to their personality that is something other than your own? However, once you hire that person, or marry that person, you immediately try to change him into someone exactly like yourself! It has been said that when a couple marries, she spends the rest of their marriage trying TO CHANGE HIM and he spends the rest of their time trying to KEEP HER FROM CHANGING! The great business, social or marriage relationships are the ones that magnify, encourage and capitalize on the unity and strength that differences bring.

Great relationships will always result in true giving and doing for the other person. Click To Tweet

Great relationships will always result in true giving and doing for the other person. If that giving and doing is not there then the relationship is not genuine. Or if that giving and doing is done with only the motive of getting something back, or with an attitude of “you’d better appreciate my sacrifice for you” … these also evidence that it is not real. But without exception, true love and commitment WILL result in giving and doing for the other.

ULTIMATELY, the one most vital of all relationships is that which we MUST have with God. ALL else in life and eternity is futile without that right relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ. This can begin ONLY when we invite Christ to come into our heart as Savior, and it grows ONLY as we spend time sharing with Him (prayer) and listening to Him (Bible study).

If our only relationship to Him is “doing” things for Him, then it is NOT real. However, a real relationship with Him WILL ALWAYS result in “doing and giving” to/for Him. WORKS WITHOUT FAITH IS DEAD – FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD! (James 2)

I pray that each of us will reexamine and start rebuilding those vital and fulfilling relationships that MUST be a part of our life!

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