Let Easter Change You


Hello, Praying Friend!

This year is off and moving! Even with an extra day, it seemed as if February was on fast forward! We partnered with New Missions and Laughed All Night at Journey Christian Fellowship, about two hours south of D.C., in Quinton, Virginia. Then, it was a return trip to the Florida panhandle for a school outreach. Then, my local show, Mind-Myth-Magic, here in Mount Dora. And, for the final event, another Laugh All Night, this time just three hours south in Delray Beach, at Trinity Lutheran.

We’ll be celebrating Easter in just a couple of weeks. This is the moment of the year when more people—lost people—are aware of the Christian celebration. Question? Has Easter changed you?

What I mean is the miracle that we celebrate. Christ offered his life as a living sacrifice to God, the Father, and then his resurrection, defeating death. Has that reality changed you? Knowing that your sin debt has been paid. Knowing that Jesus’ resurrection offers you, all of us, life? Abundant life here and in the hereafter?
This is a very comforting truth. That we can rest in. That we should contemplate profoundly and then rejoice wildly in! There is hope.

The hope found in Jesus is a powerful and life-changing truth. His resurrection gives us the assurance of eternal life and the promise of a better tomorrow. His sacrifice on the cross paid the debt of our sins and opened the way for us to have a personal relationship with God. When we place our trust in Jesus, we can find true peace and hope in our lives.

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