Real Magic

Real Magic is a moment of Wonder that move us emotionally, mentally, physically, or a combination and jolt us out of the mundane. This can be a simple moment of surprise or a cathartic connection creating a life-long memory.

Last weekend I wrapped up the spring season of my show, Mind, Myth & Magic. During the Friday night show, Real Magic happened.

Friday night, like Saturday, the event was sold out. I’ve been blessed enough by the popularity to sell out a month ahead of time throughout the season. (Awesome!) So, with a great enthusiastic crowd, I was more excited than usual because I knew Real Magic would happen. A bit of backstory is required, so stay with me for a minute;

In December, a couple came to my show, Joshua & Tamara. While I welcomed the guests for the evening, Joshua told me how much he loved watching David Copperfield growing up and was pumped for tonight’s show. And during the show, they seemed to be having a good time. Still, after years of experience interacting with people, I could tell they weren’t too comfortable with each other. During the evening, the intimate audience and I discovered they were on their first date! How fun! And to my show! At the end of the evening, as I said bye to all the guests on the porch, I thanked them both for spending their first date with me…and twenty-four other people! Fast forward to this past March—I received a Facebook Message from Josh with a very detailed request. And, without sharing all of that private conversation, the gist was, “Would you help me ask Tamara to marry me at your show coming up?”
I responded, “Let me think & pray about this.” And even though my plate continues to be overfilling, I felt like I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to bring Real Magic & Wonder into the lives of this sweet couple. Both Josh & Tamara are single parents and Christ followers and had fallen into love in this Christ-centered relationship. I needed to oblige. So, let Josh know,
“Ok, I’m in. Let’s make this happen.”

So, with a bit of planning (mainly on Josh’s part), he got Tamara, their daughters, and eight of her friends in a big limousine from DeBary to Mount Dora—all while telling Tamara that “he had to work that evening, but would be a great girls night out.” Josh arrived early at The Donnelly House, and we reviewed the plan again. During the first half of the show, Josh hid “backstage.” So, at the end of the first half, I asked Tamara to come up and help…and Josh took it from there! Congrats to Tamara & Josh! Thank you for allowing me to participate in this Real Magic Moment!

Look at some of these pictures of this magic moment, and check out the quick video!

Thank you, Josh & Tamara, for allowing me, my audience, and your friends to experience this Real Magic moment with you.

Sharing Wonder,

Scott Humston

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  1. That was beautiful and thank you Scott, thank you so much for making that an amazingly magical moment for us.

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