Share Wonder Cards

I am super excited that with the help of 52 (the same number as cards in a deck!) friends, we were able to fund the Share Wonder cards via Kickstarter this month! To catch you up, I’ll post the content from the Kickstarter campaign below:

The memories of the magic club are still vivid in my mind. I was about fourteen and a new member of the Central Florida Magic Club, which met the second Monday of each month in Bartow, Florida. There, I would meet friends I treasure to this very day. All 20 or more years older, they had a profound influence on my love of the Art of Magic. One, Bob, was a skilled businessman who ran a multi-million dollar company. He was, however, equally adept at sleight-of-hand. A regular invitee to Fechter’s FFFF convention each year, Bob was the perfect picture of the part-time pro. His techniques were on par with any top magi in the business. Simply put, he was (and is) good. Really good. Bob would pick me up and take me to and from the monthly meetings. Bob also gave me my first deck of Tally Ho Circle Back cards. These were the cards he used, and when he gave me my first pack, I immediately fell in love with those No. 9 pasteboards.

So, when I first set out to create my own deck of cards, those No. 9’s were at the top of my mind. I wanted to create a deck that was as elegant as those blue & red Tally were to my fourteen-year-old self.

And I am delighted to say we’ve done it. These cards are not only beautiful but practical. They’ll fast become one of your favorites. Not to just look at but to use.

The artist I partnered with has created some incredible cards. Matching pips with the circle-inspired back design. The slogan, Share Wonder, is elegant but not distracting. The black & gold back gives the cards a rich, refined look.

I’ve also partnered with the company Shuffled Ink, which prints excellent playing cards. I was thrilled when I discovered they were just down the road from me, about 40 minutes here in sunny central Florida. Being so close allows me to monitor this labor of love up close. Not to mention saving some money on shipping!


  • One custom-designed deck for magicians, card collectors, and folks who like to play cards.
  • Unique & elegant back design in black & gold.
  • Original pips for number cards
  • 56 poker-sized cards, including two Jokers, one blank and one double-backed.
  • Printed by Shuffled Ink in Orlando, Florida, on premium 310gsm Casino Card Stock.

*The cards will be available for shipping on April 1, 2023. The Kickstarter is over, but you can order them here: https://wonderfull-stuff-from-scott.myshopify.com/cart/43328739180704:1?channel=buy_button

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