Nurturing Young Hearts

Hello, Praying Friend!

As we wrap up June, I am amazed at how busy it was and how quickly it has passed! As I write this month, I am in Pekin, Illinois, wrapping up a three-day family VBS (Very Big Show!). Last night, as I shared the message and invited parents and children to make a decision for Christ, many came forward (parents and kids) and then to the prayer room. It was a beautiful sight!

Earlier this month, as I directed a traditional VBS at my church, I was encouraged and delighted when, again, many children responded to the call of Christ! Then I was off to lead kids at camp, again seeing little hearts touched by the call of Christ, which was beautiful!

Being intentional and honoring Christ in presenting the Gospel is something I do not take lightly. Not being manipulative, especially with children, is of the utmost importance.

Sharing the Gospel with children is crucial as it lays the foundation for their faith journey and spiritual growth. Nurturing their understanding of God’s love and grace from a young age can help them develop a strong, unwavering faith. Therefore, it is essential to approach this responsibility with integrity, sincerity, and the utmost care, always keeping the well-being and understanding of the child at the forefront.

At NDE, we are actively contributing to building a generation firmly rooted in Christian values equipped to serve others and spread love and compassion worldwide. And with your support, we can continue this most important work.

If you or your church volunteers would like training on this, we have an online teaching resource, Sharing Jesus with Children, which will guide them through the essential steps of the process with integrity while being faithful to the Gospel. Learn more at the link below. This online course is entirely free. Also, check out the “I Said Yes! to Jesus” follow-up booklet! (If you’d like to help us keep this booklet in print, see the donation link below.)

Take a look at some of the resources we’ve created and share them with others:

  • I said, “Yes!” To Jesus: A follow booklet for children when making a decision for Christ.
  • BIG Decision Cards: This is a simple card to help leaders determine the spiritual state of children.
  • Sharing Jesus with Children: This online course teaches the vital steps to respectfully and responsibly sharing Jesus with little hearts.
  • Follow-Up Flow after VBS: A one-page infographic sharing an outline of a follow-up procedure after a Vacation Bible School or other summer children’s event.
  • Creativity & The Creator: A ten-week curriculum curated for weekly teaching on our creator and teaching children to express their creativity!
  • Campfire Tales: a captivating summer series designed to share the light of Jesus with children through stories, activities, and Bible verses. Perfect for group gatherings and individual enjoyment, these tales bring faith to life in an exciting and memorable way.
  • You’re a Star!: A 30-day devotional book for kids with inspiring Christ-centered quotes, bible verse and questions they can meditate on.
  • Welcome to the Family: An interactive booklet ideal for new kids at church, making them feel welcome while they grow in faith.

Deuteronomy chapter 6 reminds us of the importance of wholehearted commitment to God and the instruction to pass down God’s commandments to future generations. This chapter contains the famous passage known as the Shema, affirming the oneness of God and emphasizing the significance of teaching and discussing God’s commandments within the family and community. With your continued help we help churches, help families, fulfill these commands.

Thank you, for your continued prayer and support during these vital summer months! If I can help you with your outreach programming, please call or text me; my direct mobile is 352-269-0621.

Until next month,

Sharing His Wonder,

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