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Scott Humston’s Kneemail • May 2023-Keeper of the Flame• Dr. Charles Stanley


Good Morning, Praying Friend!

As Christians, we understand that death is not an end but a beginning. We believe that when our time on earth is up, we will be welcomed into the arms of our loving Father. And while death may seem like a bleak and sorrowful event, it is also a time of great beauty and peace.

Dr. Charles Stanley, a renowned preacher who recently passed away, understood the beauty of death as a Christian. He believed that our relationship with God determines the impact of our lives. Our intimacy with God should be our highest priority, for it is through Him that we can touch the lives of others.

In 2 Corinthians 5:8, we are reminded that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. This verse reminds us that death is not the end but a new beginning, a chance to be reunited with our Savior. And when we live our lives with the knowledge of this truth, we can find peace and comfort even in the face of death.

As Christians, we are called to love and serve others and to share the hope and peace that we have found in our relationship with God. And when we live our lives with deep intimacy with Him, our lives can impact those around us in ways we may never know. Romans 8:11 reminds us that the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives within us. This truth should inspire us to live our lives with purpose and passion, knowing that we are vessels for the living God.

So let us strive to live our lives full of deep intimacy with God, knowing that our time on earth is but a fleeting moment in the grand scheme of things. And let us embrace the beauty of death as Christians, knowing that it is only the beginning of our eternal life with our loving Father. As Dr. Stanley once said,
“…Life can impact the people around you. Not because of what you’re doing but because of what He, living within you, is able to do through you. And that is my prayer for you.”

You may have seen the news that Dr. Chalres Stanley has passed from this earthly life.

However, what you may not know is the impact he had directly on this ministry.

In case you didn’t know who he was, Charles Stanley (born September 25, 1932 – died April 18, 2023), American pastor, author, and founder of In Touch Ministries, passed away on Tuesday at his home in Atlanta, Georgia. For 50 years, he was senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Atlanta and President of In Touch Ministries, which shared his sermons via radio and television.

Early Years

Born in Dry Fork, Virginia, Stanley grew up without a father. His mother raised him, and by age 14, he felt called to full-time ministry. He completed a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Richmond in Virginia and later a Master of Divinity at Southwestern Theological Seminary in Texas. He also earned a doctorate from Luther Rice Seminary in Florida.

Dr. Stanley was a Baptist minister and served as pastor of Fruitland Baptist near Hendersonville, North Carolina (1957-1959); First Baptist Church of Fairborn, Ohio (1959-1962); First Baptist of Miami, Florida (1962-1968); and First Baptist of Bartow, Alabama ( 1968-1969). He then became associate pastor of First Baptist of Atlanta on October 1, 1969. (Keep reading to see the relationship to this ministry.)

Life And Work

Stanley is the founder and president of InTouch Ministries, a global gospel program that reaches over 1800 radio and television stations worldwide. He was well known for his practical and biblically-based teachings, demonstrating a keen awareness of people’s needs and providing Christ-centered principles for everyday living.

His family includes his son Andy Stanley, a pastor at North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, Georgia; daughter Rebecca Stanley Broderson; and six grandchildren. A half-sister also survives him, Susie Cox.

There will be many, many folks that will share their personal story of his impact on their lives. He, throughout his life, impacted literally millions of people around the world. Through his preaching, teaching, writing, and his beloved photography, he connected with people and pointed them to a deeper relationship with Christ. 

Connection to New Dimensions Evangelism

Dr. Stanley and I met through my mentor, Felix Snipes. Felix, his wife Patsy, and Charles are having a great reunion today! Felix was on the pastoral search committee at First Baptist Atlanta. You can hear him tell the story of calling Charles to FBA here.

After Charles accepted the associate position, he and his family lived with Felix & his family for a few weeks.

Years ago, I visited FBA with Felix one Sunday morning. Between services, I was invited back to meet Dr. Stanley. He was very kind and encouraging to me about Felix passing his ministry using magic shows to share the Gospel. And allowed me to use his quote—which is on this website: 

“I highly recommend a unique and very effective ministry! A Christ honoring and scriptural presentation. It will be one of the strongest statements against the occult that you will ever see!” 

Undoubtedly, that helped many pastors “trust” my work and invited me into the pulpit. A few years later, and after Felix’s passing, during his service at FBA, Dr. Stanley was seated behind me—and I could hear him praying for me as I spoke. Afterward, I told my dad, who had driven down from Tennessee, to be with me, “Mark it down, pop! That might be the only time Dr. Stanley & I shared the platform & pulpit!” It was.  

Dr. Stanley’s friendship with Felix generated momentum for this ministry, which I am now a steward of for a time, to blossom and grow. His kindness and encouragement of Felix were a game changer. His Christ-kindness toward me—inviting me to visit with him between services, to speak & perform for one of the church’s groups, even having his team invite me on to a Christian talk show in Atlanta, all of those things—and his belief & trust were a tremendous blessing for me, personally.  

I am smiling today and thinking of the friendship of Dr. Stanley & Felix and Patsy that they are reunited again.

Thank you, Dr. Stanley, for trusting in friends, encouraging millions worldwide, and motivating me personally. Thank you for your steadfastness in your faith.

Dr. Stanley’s theme, which was repeated throughout his ministry, was, “Obey God and leave all the consequences to him.” See a video here of this powerful truth.


Sharing his Wonder,

Scott Humston


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  1. I had no idea that Felix and Charles were that close etc. My oh my. Hey, I am often musing about how you have been doing etc. If you’re planning to come up to Alaska this summer (2023) give me a call.
    Stephen Zachary

    1. Stephen! So great to hear from you! Thank you for your continued friendship and keeping in touch! I’d love to find myself in Alaska this summer! From your words to God’s ears! -Scott

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