“You Have To Do What’s Best For You”

Isn’t it incredible that we can believe that we know what it better for us than God does! However, Satan knows how to make us believe that. First, he raises questions in our mind about God’s command and then contradicts God’s word. To question God’s authority and veracity is one of the deceiver’s primary tools. If he can get us to question God, then he has begun his victory over us.

The Bible shares many ways how the “great deceiver” will do just that. Here are four:

(1) Satan raises a question in one’s mind as to whether or not God really gave a certain command (Genesis 3:1).
(2) He makes an outright contradiction of God’s command (Genesis 3:4).
(3) He convinces us that we will be better off if we go against God’s command (Genesis 3:5).
(4) He makes us believe we can be gods ourselves if we will disobey God (also in Genesis 3:5).

The world if full of individuals who are now openly contradicting God’s commands. Whether it comes from Hollywood, TV, social media outlets, internet stories, magazines, books… or from the life of another Christian who openly disobeys the Lord … we are constantly being told to do something contrary to God’s laws. Their message is often so subtle (frequently coming from someone whom we respect) that we usually do not even realize we are being told that God is a liar. In recent years, we all have become aware that the attacks have become more direct, with the production of several widely advertised books and movies denying the existence of God.

When Satan has brought us this far, it is a natural step to convince us that we can do it better. If we just make our own decisions, do what we “know” is best for ourselves, and then we will be like gods. In fact, this is one of the most popular “pop-psychological” teachings of today; “You have to do what is best for you.”

As if, it is OK to treat someone unkind as long as what I am doing is for my good. It is OK to fire that minister because I would like someone else better; or it is OK to leave my mate because “I think” I would be happier without him; or it is OK to cheat on my spouse because it will make me feel better; or it is OK for me to claim illegal deductions on my taxes because I need the money more than Uncle Sam does, etc. The person who is totally dedicated to Christ and is in the center of His will would never believe this… but after Satan has taken us through those first two steps, it then sounds so logical.

Well, the fact is we can make our own decisions, we can go our own way no matter how it affects others…God allows us that privilege. However, just like Adam and Eve, we have to bear the consequences of our sin. Also, so many other innocent people are hurt because of our sin of trying to be our own boss, just as you and I have been hurt by the decision of Adam and Eve.

We cannot break God’s laws with impunity. By way of illustration, we may think we are breaking the law of gravity by jumping off a 50-story building. We do not even feel any consequences of it immediately … only freedom as we race through space. However, we soon find out that we have not broken the law of gravity, but rather, IT has broken us.

God's laws are not given to us to break, hinder, or hurt us...God knows that if we will faithfully follow HIS INSTRUCTIONS, we WILL experience real happiness and contentment. Click To Tweet

God’s laws are not given to us to break, hinder, or hurt us they are given to us because God knows that if we will faithfully follow HIS INSTRUCTIONS, we WILL experience real happiness and contentment.WE break ourselves (and hurt others) when we go against what God has told us to do!

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Resist him, steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same sufferings are experienced by your brotherhood (other Christians) in the world. (I Peter 5:8-9)

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