Scott Humston-Two Minute Tips-Episode 42-Update That Pic!

Have you ever seen a photo of a speaker in a conference booklet or program, then observed the same speaker at the conference in person…and the resemblance is, well, not even close? And you realize that this person hasn’t updated their promotional photos since 2012? Or worse, since 1912! Well, professional speakers/performers are sometimes the…

Scott Humston-2 Minute Tips-Two Mics > One. Episode 36

  You’ve probably seen it happen, at a conference, church service, or even a live show; There’s nothing more awkward to a performer, speaker OR to the audience, than when the presenter’s mic goes out.  And, if you are on stage for your part-time or full-time profession, it will happen to you at some point….

Scott Humston-2 Minute Tips-Episode 35-Sit. Stay. Good.

  It seems silly at first—but if part of being “onstage” for you is wearing dress clothes, then you need to know this tip.  Collar stays are those little arrow-looking things that help hold your collar down.  Those plastic ones that come with dress shirts are meant to be replaced. Below are some links to some better solutions…

Scott Humston-2 Minute Tips-Respect Your Client & Audience-Episode 34

One of the best ways to build a good reputation in life is to keep your word. Fulfill your promises. This same timeless ideal also holds truthful in your on-stage career.  In this week’s tip, we’ll look at respecting the client that hired you, and the audience that is watching/listening to you. It’s vital insight in building…

Scott Humston-2 Minute Tips Podcast-Don’t Glare At Me-Episode 33

If you’ve ever seen any using an iPad while they are speaking, you may have noticed the brightness of the screen being reflected in their glasses, or on their face.  From the audience point of view, it is distracting—and it’s not necessary.  Here’s a way to “invert” the colors so that won’t happen to you….