Scott Humston-2 Minute Tips-Let There Be Light!-Episode 40


I went to a graduation event the other day. It was in a nice room, with what looked like great stage lighting. But, I wasn’t sure…because they never turned them on! The result? It was hard to see the graduates clearly on the stage. If you are on a proper stage or platform, and there is specific lighting for that space, stage lighting, be sure you use it! The audience needs to see you. If you can feel the heat of the lights on your face, that’s good! However, with the advent of LED lighting, you may not find yourself standing- to quote singer Billy Joel, “in the white-hot, spotlight”….but be sure you are in the light! Check the stage beforehand, see where the lights began and end on the platform. During your speech, sermon, or performance be sure you stay in the light when all possible. Do some quick online reading on stage lighting, and what are the best colors for your presentation. If you are using the full stage for your presentation, you’ll want to take some time to create a lighting plot for your events; This is like a map for the lighting technicians. Again, a google search will provide more than you’ll ever need to know.  I recommend starting with a simple site,

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