Scott Humston-Two Minute Tips-Vulnerability on Stage – Episode 37


Be Vulnerable

The stage can be a scary place. Research has shown that public speaking is the number one fear of many people. Number five is death. So, to quote Jerry Seinfeld, “You’d rather be in the coffin than speaking at the funeral.” So, for those of us who put ourselves on stage on a regular basis, taking the next step of being vulnerable to our audience can be intimidating, too. But, it is a way to go deeper with your audience—and create that cathartic moment. When you share a bit of your heart with your audience, in your performance or speech, you are opening yourself, and your audience, in turn, will trust you—and be more attentive to what you are saying. So, as you are crafting your speech, talk or performance be sure to be a bit vulnerable on stage with your words. And you’ll experience a much deeper connection with your audience.

Here’s To Your Success!
Scott Humston
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