Scott Humston-Two Minute Tips-Walk On Music-Episode 38

Walk On Music

If you are a performer, you may already understand how powerful music can be to your entrance on stage. Even professional baseball players have realized this…as a player’s favorite music piece is often played as he goes up to bat. If you’ve never used walk-on music when entering the stage or platform, give it a try. If you have a large stage space to cover before you get to the spot where you’ll be speaking or performing from—this will help cover the silence, also known as “dead air” between applause and you being in position, too. Pick music that reflects your persona and sets the mood for your talk. This might be exciting, or soft. It’s up to you. Also, you’ll only need about 10-20 seconds, so some simple editing might be required. You can do this yourself in a music editing software like Garage Band. Or jump on and have someone do it for you. Then, you can email the piece to the sound engineer for the event. I’d also have it on a flash drive that you carry with you to the event.

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