Scott Humston-Two Minute Tips-Episode 42-Update That Pic!

Have you ever seen a photo of a speaker in a conference booklet or program, then observed the same speaker at the conference in person…and the resemblance is, well, not even close? And you realize that this person hasn’t updated their promotional photos since 2012? Or worse, since 1912! Well, professional speakers/performers are sometimes the worse about keeping their promotional pictures up-to-date. Don’t be that person. If you are full-time, part-time or just some-time—in the era of digital photography, having an up to date photo is easier than ever. My tip: have new photos taken at least every two years. And, if you always use the same photographer…try a different one next time; Try one that is a bit younger…or older than you. You might be really pleased with the result!

Here’s To Your Success!

Scott Humston



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