A Personal Request

Wow!  Or maybe, Whew!  This summer has flown by.

I’ve just returned home after spending almost the entire month of July on the road. June, too, was a busy and productive month for our ministry. This summer we had fantastic programs in Florida, Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Illinois.  Lots of miles…lots of smiles…and lots of decisions for Christ! PTL!

But in the midst of the incredible fruitfulness of this ministry, we have also endured some personally challenging times. In fact, the past 12 months have been some of the most difficult for my family and me. Some of it is just life. I get that. But after much prayer and counsel, I believe this last year has been so difficult because of attacks from the enemy. I need your spiritual support more than ever before.

I know many of you do pray for me and this work on a regular basis, and I sincerely appreciate that.  I am also aware that many desire to pray, but often don’t due to distractions and the busyness of life—and I certainly understand that, too.

Now, however, I urgently need to ask you to pray for this ministry, my family, and me from August 12 until September 12. Even just a minute or two a day would be deeply appreciated!  Would you partner with me and do this?

Below is a link to a prayer card that you can print out as a reminder. Please post it on your refrigerator, or put in your calendar or Bible as a daily reminder to pray for us and this work.

Perhaps you could share one with a close friend, church, or Sunday School group and have others join us in prayer.

Here’s the link to the prayer card.

Your willingness to hold us in prayer for this 30-day period is more important than I can express. With your spiritual support, this ministry will continue to bring people to Christ and strengthen believers.

Thank you, and God bless you as we continue Sharing His Wonder!

Scott Signature In Blue


P.S. If you can, will you stand with us and encourage us by joining the event on Facebook?  Here’s the link. Thank you!


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  1. God bless you Scott. We certainly will add you and your family to our prayer list.

  2. Kind of got a late start yet I will be praying for you and HIS ministry. I would feel honored to uplift your burdens as I am going through a similar problem. I live in a town where thousands of tourists come each year. I have felt burdened to preform illusions with a gospel message. Yet between City Hall (have to get a merchant’s license yet I can’t perform in the “Historical District” for tips) and perhaps church leaders/members, I have gotten the impression that maybe I should not be doing this. Although I believe God can bless this ministry (look at you and Felix Snipes- one of my mentors) I am trying to find out if so where is my “Macedonia”?
    Thanks and may God continue to bless.

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