Kneemail Update October 2021

Kneemail From Scott

Good Morning,  Prayer Partner!

I hope this note finds you well and amid Christ’s Joy! I can’t believe that it’s Mid- September!  Since I wrote to you in June, my family has had a roller-coaster of life. Let me give you a quick update, then fill you in on some exciting ministry news!

June started well, as I attended the SBC convention in Nashville. It was great connecting and reconnecting with pastors & church leaders! While in Nashville, along with my Pastor, Dr. Thomas Jamieson, we were invited to represent our church and do the “debt-free scream” live on the Dave Ramsey Show. That was a great experience! (Our church paid off its final debt in January of this year.) While June has always been full of summer outreach events, this summer, of course, was much quieter. We did, however, launch WOW! VBS again—a completely different than last summer—and an even more robust program. Steve Pennington, our FaithKidz director did an incredible job with this event!

[bctt tweet=”As of the end of August, we’ve had 200 churches and 87 individuals sign up to host the event. 23 different countries are represented by those! Amazing!” username=”scotthumston”]

I was excited as I had several programs in July to fulfill that had been postponed from last summer. However, Covid struck our family the weekend of July 4th.  Nate (14) and Rachel (13) had a relatively mild case. Debi & I had a rough go of it. Thankfully, neither of us ended up in the hospital. Debi, did, however, end up with double pneumonia. As soon as we tested positive, our doctor was so good to help us get medicines to get us through. Each of us had slightly different symptoms—but it was rough. So, with lots of plans for July—none of them happened. Of the few programs I had, one was able to reschedule. The others canceled for this year. I am thankful that our cases were not life-threatening. We all have known friends and family members who have succumbed to this terrible virus. Many of us are growing weary from the struggles. May God continue to uphold and guide us.

As I moved from July into August, we did have a few programs to focus on; It was a pleasure to be with Woodbine Church in Pace, Florida. It was a delight to see families come out to laugh together! Unfortunately, it was on the drive back from the Florida Panhandle that I started not feeling well. By the time I arrived home, six hours later, I immediately laid down…and within a short time called my doctor friend of 25 years, who works in our local hospital. He was quick to come to my home—and told me to go to the E.R. My appendix needed to come out before it burst. (!).  So, I spent the next 48 hours in the hospital. As I continue to recover, I am so thankful that God, in His providential wisdom, allowed me to be diagnosed and operated on in a timely and essential manner. I am so grateful I wasn’t out-of-town and that I could recuperate in my own home!

On Friday, I felt well enough (just five days later) to fly to Maine for a New Mission’s Laugh All Night event in Eliot, Maine, at Christian Life Church. The event went great! My wife, Debi, and I had our 27th-anniversary trip planned around this event. Unfortunately, our planned time was cut short—as we got chased out of New England by Hurricane Ida! Unbelievable! As we came all the way from Florida to Maine—and had to deal with a hurricane! It was another crazy anniversary memory!  At the end of August, I returned to Holy Trinity School in Melbourne, Florida, to help kick off their character education focus for this school year.  I believe this was my 20th year with them!  So, August, like July, held incredible challenges…but underneath…beautiful blessings!

This past weekend, I popped up to Indianapolis for another Laugh All Night Event at The Creek Church.  It was a great event—as we continue to raise awareness for the children of Haiti. 

Thank you, dear friend, for standing by New Dimensions Evangelism during these extraordinary days.  We will continue to reach the lost and build leaders. To those that support this work regularly, thank you so, so, very much.  If you don’t support this mission, I’d be honored if you would prayerfully consider it.

Sharing His Wonder!

Scott Humston


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