Thank-Full. For You.

Kneemail From Scott

As Thanksgiving is just over a week away for us here in the United States, I write this being incredibly thankful for you, this ministry, and the strength God has continued to bless me with. These last nine months have been nothing short of life-altering for many in our world. I am so grateful for the ability to have you beside me as this little ministry has impacted so many—so many more than we could have possibly imagined during these times. Although managing these troublesome circumstances has not been easy for my family and me—God has continued to bless this work. I am humbled.

I had my first “live” events for 3 Circle Church in Mobile, Alabama, at the end of October. The three campuses’ three events were successful, even in the current “normal” for churches. This past weekend I was honored to return to Freedom Church in Milledgeville, Georgia, for an evening event for fathers and daughters and sharing with folks on a Sunday morning.

We’ve just released a free resource for churches to share with their families during the season of Advent, and our FaithKidz project has completed an in-depth curriculum called GLOW—Go Light Our World.

Although our ministry steps are smaller during these times, we continue to move forward with God’s direction. He is allowing those tiny steps to create large footprints! Our small steps have continued to make a significant impact.

As we enter the final month of what has been, to put it mildly, the most challenging year of this ministry has faced—we have faced it head-on. We’ve held-fast and, with God’s guidance, have continued to succeed in ways never thought possible.

You might be asking how you can help New Dimensions most during these unsettled days?

As always, my first response is to pray. Stand with us in prayer. If possible, daily. Weekly is good—even monthly will be a blessing! The prayers of our partners have been the stabilizing force behind our sustainment this year. Please continue to pray!

Second, give. As you know, we spend very little time asking for support. I’ve trusted God—as did my predecessor, Felix. I would ask that you help us end this year on the most healthy financial footing possible. Please ask God what he would have you do. Thank you.

We are still hoping to have our end of the year report to you in December. I have so much GOOD NEWS to share with you! I am excited to enter 2021 as we celebrate 40 years of New Dimensions Evangelism impacting communities for Christ!

Until then,

Sharing His Wonder,

Scott Humston


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