Have you ever had an idea and you said, “yes, I should do that!” But you never acted on it? Or maybe an inspiring thought to share—but you didn’t? Me, too. As a professional speaker, evangelist, and illusionist (now for more than a quarter of a century!), I’ve just finished an incredible year. One that was incredibly challenging and, yet, incredibly blessed. Thinking back on 2016 reminds me of the opening line from Dicken’s A Tale of Two Cities; “It was the best of times, and the worst of times…”.

So, back to the topic. I felt lead weeks ago to create a campaign focusing on the Wonder of our creator and of the abundant life that God offers us, through Christ. I am excited to see how God will use #sharewonder to spread His love in 2017. I hope you’ll join me on the social media channels of Instagram and Facebook and in my live events as we #sharewonder!

P.S. If this intrigues, interests or inspires you, please share this post. And each subsequent post—that’s how these things grow! So please, share!

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