2 Minute Tips with Scott Humston-Episode 25-100 Year-Old Applause Tips


Burling Hull. He lived more than 100 years ago. He was quite the showman. Think P.T. Barnum, with attitude! He stood on some of the most famous stages in America. He was a contemporary of Houdini. In 1914 he wrote a booklet called, The Art of the Stage. It covered a variety of topics catering to the on-stage performer.  In this tip, I look at those four applause points and how we can use them effectively when on stage, today.

They are Securing Applause; Creating Applause; Pulling Applause and Interrupting Applause.

And there’s more to come from this sage of the stage, Burling Hull.

Here’s to your stage success!

Scott Humston
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