Remembering To Forget

“Forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 3:13-14)

As John Haggai often says when quoting this verse, “There are some things we should NOT forget.” Such as what we were before Jesus saved us; the grace that God extended to us when He saved us; the incredible forgiveness we have in Him. And the blessings given to us by family and friends along the way; the richness of His daily love to us in so many ways … and so many other good things we SHOULD remember.

The things we should forget; the failures that would oppress us; our disappointments which can destroy faith; our accomplishments which can cause pride; our defeats which can hinder initiative; the hurts we feel we have received from others which can destroy love. The misunderstandings which usually ruin relationships; the defeats or victories of others which often confuse us, hate and prejudices which destroy us from within. The family conflicts which make life miserable for ourselves and others as well, suspicions which torpedo trust, etc.

In other words, we should forget anything that does not make us a better person and remember everything that does improve us.

Because happiness is not caused by what happens to us … it is only achieved by the right attitude toward whatever happens to us.

Because happiness is not caused by what happens to us ... it is only achieved by the right attitude toward whatever happens to us. Click To Tweet

The Apostle Paul is talking about our mental attitudes here. Are mental attitudes “spiritual?” Where else is spiritualty than in the mind? You say it is in our actions; However, ALL actions come from our mental attitudes.

Therefore if we want our actions to be the kind that will honor and glorify Christ (and bring us happiness) then our mental attitudes should be the type of positive, Holy Spirit empowered, God-honoring attitudes taught in the Word of

No matter how hard we try to achieve happiness, it only comes from being in God’s will. Then with the right attitudes (faith, expectancy, dependency on HIM, joy, victory) we reach forth and press on toward God’s prize … the Christ-like
person to which the Lord has called us and to which He has planned for us to be conformed (formed into.)

May this year, this month, this day— be one in which you and I are more perfectly molded into a Christ-like image!

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P.S. AND may this be the year when each of us, and “we” collectively (through New Dimensions Evangelism) win the MAXIMUM number of individuals to Christ! You have my deepest gratitude for the GREAT part you play in making this ministry possible. THANK YOU for your prayers and support!!! Both are urgently needed!

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