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Welcome to a Night of Laughter and Joy!

Host "An Evening of Comedy & Laughter" with Scott. During this 90 minute event the Joy of Christ will be proclaimed and invitation into a life-changing relationship will be extended.

Why Your Church?

If you are looking for an evangelical outreach that will connect with today’s families, is first-class in presentation and promotion, prayerfully consider hosting this evening for your church and community.

Reach out to our office today for a in-depth proposal on how hosting this evening can be transformative to your community & church.

Why with Scott?

Scott Humston, overcoming a speech impediment, has become a renowned illusionist, speaker, and evangelist. With a B.A. in Communication Studies and Dramatic Art, he's recognized for his engaging, educational entertainment. Scott has traveled extensively, performing nationwide and internationally, including three shows at the White House. His 25-year career has reached over 3 million live viewers. He's also featured on the BBC's "Now You See It," drawing 5 million viewers in its debut. Passionate about his faith, Scott's events have led thousands to discover their faith in Christ.