My Favorite Restaurants In Mount Dora, Florida

Welcome to my favorite town. I spent 27 years traveling the United States and other parts of the world. I love to eat. And my town, in which I have lived for 23 years now, boasts some great places to have a bite or enjoy a nice dinner.

If you are visiting for a day or two, be sure to check out these fantastic places. If you are joining me while you are here for my show, Mind, Myth & Magic, I am looking forward to meeting you in person!

You’ll find this quaint town just a lovely place! Thanks so much for checking out beautiful Mount Dora!

Here’s My Top 5 as of January 2022: 

#1) Goblin Market. Located down a small alley at 330 Dora Drawdy Way, you’ll love the quaint atmosphere and delightful menu. Reservations are highly recommended. I suggest the filet or the pork tenderloin. And be sure to try the crab bisque soup. It’s all fantastic.


#2) Wave, Asian Bistro & Sushi. A social-media sensation with their incredible Sushi pics on Instagram, people trek from all over America to experience the Wave. I love their Orange Chicken dish (it’s not what you think.) And their Sushi Menu is just fantastic. Try the Mount Dora roll or the Volcano Roll. (You’ll find me eating here about once a week.) They are at 301 N. Baker Street. (Tall three-story building, they are on the mid or second level.)

(352) 383-9283

#3) Tony’s Chowder House. It’s located just a block from the show; this little seafood place boasts some of the best chowders in America. The seafood is fresh and excellent. Low-key and very casual is the ambiance here. You’ll find Tony’s at 622 N. Donnelly Street.

(352) 729-2834

#4) 1921 Mount Dora. This unique restaurant is located at 142 East 4th Ave. The dishes are distinct and Florida-focused, and they source local ingredients to create modern Florida cuisine. The menu changes based on seasonality and regional availability. Reservations are highly recommended.

(352) 385-1921

#5) Pisces Rising. You’ll love the location of this beautiful restaurant; Wrapped around a Florida cracker style bungalow built-in 1919, here you’ll experience “Florida Fare with Flare.” Also, this casual lakefront establishment is a delight, using fresh, local ingredients whenever possible. Often hosting a live band on the deck, you’ll enjoy your experience here. They are located at 239 W. 4th Avenue. 


I am looking forward to seeing you in Mount Dora!

Sharing Wonder,

Scott Humston

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