Wonder-Full Weekend

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Friday Night is Wonder-Full!

Motivational and Inspirational ProgramMagic & Fun For Everyone! Presented by the highly acclaimed professional family entertainer, Scott Humston! He brings the fun and mystery of magic to hundreds of thousands through his programs each year. Fun, laughter, mystery, audience participation, comedy and unbelievable feats of illusion! Everyone from 9 months to 99 years will love Scott and his non-stop variety program full of magic, comedy, music and so much more! This will be one of the greatest evenings of entertainment for the entire family you have ever enjoyed!

Friday Night is a live action motivational and inspirational program growing out of 20 years of success speaking to family audiences across the United States. Through the use of custom music, amazing magic, hilarious comedy, storytelling and audience involvement, kids of ALL ages will be entertained…and hear the Word of God, shared in a unique way.

Newspapers have described the show as “refreshingly wholesome,” “hilariously entertaining,” and “an experience no one should miss,” while describing performer Scott Humston as “a combination of many things: magician, comedian, singer, and storyteller.” Friday night is a funtastic kick-off to a wonder-full weekend!

Saturday Night is…


(2 full hours of entertainment and inspiration)Paranormal

How can our eyes deceive us… our senses mislead us? During the first half of this program, Scott will entertain with astounding feats of “mental” magic and illusion. This program will be particularly effective for youth (10 and up), although ALL adults will benefit from the STRONG message. Many adults say this is the most outstanding night of the entire weekend.

crystal-ballThis has been highly acclaimed by scientists, ministers, and even other magicians as one of the most entertaining and baffling presentations being seen on the stage today. The second half of this program is a thorough explanation of the illusion and the reality associated with the world of the supernatural. You will find solid, Biblical answers to many questions relative to astrology, fortune-telling, communicating with the dead, reincarnation, psychics and many other perplexing mysteries.

The highlight will be a dramatic and memorable visual diagram of God’s plan – and Satan’s plan – for your life.